Obstetric Nursing CEUs

Integrating Coaching and Labor Support Tools into Obstetric Nursing; A Pathway to Patient-Centered Care and Safe Vaginal Childbirth

This program aims to integrate coaching principles and skills, and labor support techniques into the practice of Labor and Delivery nurses. The objective of this integration is to allow nurses to provide patient-centered care and to confidently lead patients during their birth experiences toward  safe vaginal birth. Training nurses with effective coaching strategies increase their expertise in engaging and empowering the patient while eliciting the patients’  accountability for their healthy childbirth. Your relationships with birthing individuals at your care are about to change! The care you’ll provide will rely not only on your clinical knowledge and skills, but first and foremost, on your ability to engage, inspire, and lead patients towards a safe and vaginal childbirth when possible. In situations in which safe vaginal birth is impossible to achieve, the coaching skills will allow you to facilitate flexibility, adjustments, informed consent, and acceptance, which in turn will result in a higher level of satisfaction with the whole process.

Program Goals: 

  • To increase the rates of vaginal and physiological births in L&D.
  • To provide L&D nurses with a set of labor support techniques geared to promote patients’ ability to cope with labor strains and to facilitate labor progress.
  • To resolve the inherent confusion between seeing the birthing individual as going through a healthy, normal, and natural process, and at the same time as a patient needing medical care.
  • To facilitate patient-centered care in L&D, by means of coaching principles and strategies which will raise nurses’ confidence in their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Program Objectives:

  • Understand and embrace coaching relationships as a pathway to patient-centered maternal care, and develop concrete tools and strategies which will be used by nurses to facilitate informed consent, encourage patient autonomy, increase patient confidence and thus facilitate vaginal childbirth. 
  • Develop a new culture in maternal care where the practice of obstetric nurses is based on the following components equally:
    1. Clinical knowledge
    2. Hands-on labor support techniques that promote patients’ coping ability and their progress in labor progress, resulting in  patients’ satisfaction and safety of care. 
    3. Verbal coaching skills that create the partnership needed in order to engage the patients and individualize the care by  addressing their beliefs, values, needs, and motivations, help patients rely on their inner strengths, and inspire them to trust their body and the process of childbirth. 

Program Lesson:

  1. Childbirth Support and Obstetric Nursing in Review
  2. Introduction to Coaching 
  3. Structure and Strategies of Pregnancy and Birth Coaching 
  4. Coping Techniques for the Early Phase of Labor
  5. Coping Techniques for the Active Phase of Labor
  6. Coping Techniques for the Transition Phase of Labor
  7. Leading and Supporting throughout the Second Stage  

Certification Requirements:

In order to earn your CEUs, you’ll need to pass the final exam.

Upon registration to the program, you will be able to create your username and password. Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to see the drop-down menu next to the program’s name on the main menu of the website.