Transformational Doula Training Program

We Are Inclusive!
The language in the recording of our online doula training program is outdated and not as inclusive as we are! Birth Coach Method is committed to diversity and equal opportunity for the community of LGBTQ and non-binary individuals to have the best access to resources and support throughout pregnancy and birth. Our students are encouraged to support ALL expectant and birthing individuals.

Neri Life-Choma and the Birth Coach Method Team

Birth Coach Method doula training program consists of 15 audio-visual lessons in different topics, group coaching sessions, our amazing resource guide and practical hours.

In order to facilitate your studying experience, the 15 audio-visual lessons were divided into short modules, lasting between 20-40 minutes each. Our tests show that our media player should be working fine using all browsers, however, we do recommend Google Chrome.

At the left side of the screen is the toolbar, presenting all our programs and lessons. Depending on your level of membership, these links will lead you to the lessons.

Next to the Home on our toolbar is the link to the Program Lessons’ page. When hovering on it, a dropdown menu will open showing the list of the programs’ individual lessons.  This is probably the fastest way to get on the go and progress with your studying process.

As you begin studying the first lesson, you’ll see that each lesson presents a downloadable PDF document called Study guide. This document contains questions related to the class topic and information, as well as the additional resource list for a deeper understanding of the topic. Please download and print this file, and complete it. You’ll need to submit all the completed guides to your trainer. Depending on your learning style, you may choose to pause the video presentation to answer questions or fill in the blanks on your studying papers, or you may choose to watch the whole class and use the studying materials to ‘test’ yourself and see what you need to re-watch.

Please remember that we are here for you throughout the 6 months period of this online course, and we are committed to your success! You are welcome to contact us with questions or concerns. Your questions are great materials for our group coaching sessions, so please don’t hesitate.

Here are the topics of the 15 online classes: 

  1. Introduction to birth support; historical and cultural review
  2. Physiology and anatomy of birth
  3. Prenatal care and possible complications
  4. Stages and Phases of labor
  5. Early phase of labor– theory, and practice
  6. Active phases of labor – theory and practice
  7. Transition phase of labor – theory and practice
  8. The second stage of birth – theory and practice
  9. Common medical interventions in labor (1)
  10. Common medical interventions in labor (2)
  11. Relationships in labor and delivery
  12. The baby in birth and throughout the postnatal period
  13. The mother in the postpartum period
  14. Breastfeeding basics
  15. Establishing your doula practice

*Access to the content pages of the program will be granted upon payment notification. However, you may read the full classes’ description HERE

To your success!

Neri and the team