Programs’ Description

Birth Coach Method is a BRN approved Continuing Education (CE) provider.  

Birth Support Coaching Certificate Course  – All Birth Support Professionals are Welcome! (13.5 CEUs) 

This course was designed to enrich birth support figures of all types: doulas, childbirth educators, prenatal yoga teachers, L&D nurses, and everyone else who supports expectant couples, with coaching tools and strategies. These are the same strategies practiced by coaches in a variety of coaching fields in order to lead clients to optimally perform. Once you begin implementing the coaching strategies and skills into your practice, you will reach better results leading birth clients to achieve their desired birth, and you will fulfill the promise of becoming a change agent in the field of birth.

This course relies on “The Art of Coaching for Childbirth” as a textbook. In addition to the book, each lesson consists of videos, articles, and additional resource list. Your learning experience includes homework tasks which will be discussed in our weekly Zoom meeting.

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Coaching and Labor Support Tools in L&D Nursing
A Pathway to Patient-Centeed Maternal Care and Vaginal Birth (12CEs)   

This program teaches nurses to integrate coaching principles and strategies and labor support techniques into nursing. The objective of this integration is to allow nurses to provide patient-centered care and confidently support patients and lead them towards a safe vaginal birth. Training nurses with effective coaching strategies is the pathway to achieving patient-engagement, and to increase patients’ satisfaction and rates of vaginal births. This course will change your relationships with your patients; the care you’ll provide will rely not only on your clinical knowledge in the field of obstetrics, but first and foremost, on your ability to engage, inspire, and create a partnership with your patients. Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to coach and facilitate shared decisions, informed consent, flexibility, adjustments, and acceptance, which in turn will result in patients’ high level of satisfaction with the birth experience. 

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Online Doula Training Program

The doula training program consists of 15 audio-visual lessons, 25 contact hours and  a bi-monthly Zoom meeting for Q & A and continous  support of our students’ studying process.  In addition, a downloadable study guide is included in each lessons, as well as a rich  resource list. In order to optimize your studying experience, the 15 audio-visual lessons are divided into short modules, lasting between 20-35 minutes each. Our tests show that our media player should be working fine using all browsers, however, we do recommend Google Chrome.

The philosophy of coaching for childbirth is woven into each and every class in our doula training as we expand on the coach’s role no less than we make sure that you are highly knowledgeable with the more theoretical evidence.

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Hands-on Labor Suppot Series 

This sseries is made out of the four practical lessons in which our students learn to match  labor support tools and comfort measures with the phases of childbirth. You’ll learn how to provide labor support to your birth clients, geared to achieve the two most important goals of bith support- coping and progressing. 

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