Coaching Tools Kit Session 2

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Module 1 – childbirth as a performance

Module 2- Prenatal Coaching Tools

This session is the second in our series. To think about childbirth as a performance, a rather challenging one, and not as a natural process, is a paradigm shift in the field of birth support. We believe that this shift has the potential to finally resonate with expectant mothers, encourage them to be coached and practice their tools prenatally, and give birth in a healthy and active birth. As a doula, you were probably coaching mothers mainly during the birth, the performance. In this session you will learn how to conduct prenatal coaching session; clarify your client’s goals and wishes, help your client form a positive concept of childbirth, reduce fears and make plans to overcome areas of challenge, assign an area of practice for the mother and a lot more. You will be amazed at how much better your clients will conduct themselves during their birth.