Welcome to our transformational birth coaching family and to our members’ website! We LOVE having you here! This site is serving Birth Coach Method’s active students. All our training programs are hosted here. 
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If you are new to the field, we will take you from Zero to a hearo!
If you’re already a trained birth support pro and are currently enrolled in our advanced year-long membership program – Transformational Birth and PP Coaching Certificate, we will teach you how to integrate the principles, relationships, and strategies of transformational coaching into your birth support practice. You’ll be able to advance your practice and be as impactful and successful as you want to be! We will help you upscale your verbal coaching skills, go virtual, and provide continuity of care for your clients throughout their childbearing process.

Obstetric nurses – we are honored to take part in your paradigm shift – we have the #1 solution that will allow you to provide patient-centered care in L&D and increase the rates of vaginal healthy births. 

Our method is the #1 solution to major dilemmas in the field of birth support. It has originated and developed the guide The Art of Coaching for Childbirth; Integrating the Coaching Principles into the Field of Birth Support, in 2016, and since then continued to develop in our monthly blog posts and throughout our webinars, workshops, and certification courses. 

Please note that we grant access to our programs and lessons based on your membership level (The program you enrolled in). You are always welcome to upgrade your membership and get access to more programs, by visiting our store. Remember that your access is time bounded and use this time wisely. 

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